Through the Wild Blue Yonder

War dang rodeo 2015

Stunt woman in the making. #RealLifeCowgirl

The ladies. #AlienEyes #HotelLighting
Dining out 2014!
Present, RAIN! #AirPower  (at Detachment 005)
Tuckered out from a day of play.  (at Chattanooga, Tennessee)

"I came in like a Ryan Hall." (at The Track)

Attack!! @simplyleandra @tatertot_27 @beccabenton (at Bahama Bob’s Beach Side Cafe)

#mcm to my incredible man. I cannot wait to spend this entire week relaxing on the beach with you.
My snuggle buddy just left with his babysitter for the week. :( #AllAloneRightMeow #SickOnSB